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Ascot, Grand Bahama
  -    -  Ascot, Grand Bahama

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Island Living

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If ever there was a project that utilised Archiform 3D completely it is Ascot. Taken from no more than raw land on an island in the Bahamas, the entire strategy was formulated, designed, detailed and brought to the market entirely in-house.

Ascot broke the mould in putting a project together from a “what will sell” point of view and then working backward to “what can we build”. The result was an exceptionally well-received project that quickly garnered international attention.

Little known to most Archiform 3D clients is the in- house ability to create everything needed to get a project to the market, plus a strong background in financial modelling, strategies and the preparation of not just sales material but investor summaries.

The project is on 18 acres of both prime beach and canal frontage, making it unique and perfectly suited for a condo-resort strategy. Buyers get the amenities of a world-class destination in an elegant location that comes with impeccable service – a strategy that was worked up over months of experimentation, market analysis and various iterations of visualisation that showed each idea as though it were reality.

Each component has been detailed, inclusive of the beachfront, marina, orchard, gardens, interiors and amenities, putting promotional material upfront and focussing on what matters most for any condominium property development – sales.