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Porsche Design Tower, Miami
  -    -  Porsche Design Tower, Miami

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Exclusive ocean front living

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Most of our projects are considered “cool”, which is why people come to us, but this particular one goes to a whole new level of coolness. A collaboration between Porsche Design in Germany and Gil Dezer’s team at Sunny Isles Beach in Florida, Porsche Design Tower set out as unusual and ambitious, shattering what was considered acceptable risk and showing that the most unusual ideas can often be the greatest.

When Gil, the Porsche designers and our Steve Bell first sat around the board room table to discuss the idea of a high-rise building with car elevators Steve was skeptical. When he stressed that the residents must be able to stay in the car for the ascent and descent Steve was certain that maybe Dezer’s success in high-rise development had gone to his head and that this was going to be one of the projects that fizzled early. About 15 minutes later Steve was convinced that Gil was going to make it work. After more than 2 years of effort, Dezer was true to his word, having sold most of the building well before commencing construction.

Dezer is still true to the title of “Visionary” that we bestowed on him many years ago, standing among those clients that we revere as people that actually turn dreams into reality. The team at Porsche Design has also impressed us greatly with their no-nonsense sharp edged creativity that is not only aesthetically beautiful but has perfect function. The match of the two groups almost seemed destined and if you have ever seen Gil’s car collection, inclusive of a Porsche bolted to his living room wall, and known his drive to achieve everything he sets out to do then you will know that this “marriage” of German design and US business was inevitable.

On this project Archiform 3D worked off the basic drafts from architects Sieger Suarez to create an initial video to impart the idea to the local city. Then we went back to work with Porsche, the elevator company and the architects to bring all of the expertise into a working 3D model that shows the building, the process of getting to one of the sky homes and a glimpse of the lifestyle within this 50+ level beachfront tower. Countless edits, redirections in design and in-depth experimentation has led to what will likely be the Miami region’s most prominent development for some time.